• All of us are Green in the Beginning…

    Come with me to the Lara region of Venezuela… a 4-hour drive south and west of Caracas in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Caracas to the Andes is as big a geographic, cultural and spiritual transfer as a traveler can make in a few hours.

    I know this because I drove the road nearly every weekend with my wife, Corina when we both discovered the raw beauty of her country.
  • That First Cup

    It’s 1986. Long before baristas. Long before gourmet coffee shops. We stopped at a simple, coffee farmers hut, where he invited us to share a cup of his best brew.
    Wow! How does coffee taste this good?

    I didn't realize it at the time, but with this cup I took the first step on a journey--a quest, really:

    To find the secret underlying this cafe criollo.
  • Señor, so You’re Saying it’s About Heat? (The Coffee Farm)

    I came to Venezuela with a new energy system that would reduce losses from traditional coffee drying. The farmers liked it for a lot of reasons, but mostly because of its fuel source – the coffee shells they normally threw away.

    One day while installing one of these dryers, the farmer said:

    Amigo, I think maybe your machine could roast this coffee you like so much.
    Si, it’s makes the same heat we use, and that’s very important
    (really – so it’s about the heat? Show me)

    So he showed me, and after a lot of trials, and taste testings with local coffee gurus, I learned how to roast this special coffee.
  • And Then We are Slowly Roasted…

    On coffee plantations I spent time on, farmers rarely roast more than a few cupful's at a time—most of it for them or visitors. There’s a folk-artistry...a handmade-ness to the exquisite taste that comes from their coffee roasting.

    Roasting coffee on the farm is like the craft of making beer or making wine. It’s full of nuance. How much heat? When to apply it? How long?

    These were the secrets of the coffee farmer.
  • Cut to California – Puroast® is Born

    With the idea and one machine in tow, and thumbs up tastings with family and friends, my brother Jim and I started up roasting and selling our coffee in Northern California.

    But we needed a good name. That came for another brother, Scott. ‘I’m seeing something like Pure Roast here, what about that’?.

    So Puroast® was born and offered as a “smooth, less bitter” coffee. Local co-ops, natural food stores and gourmet shops were our first customers, then later small regional grocers.

    The taste was a hit. But there was something else happening that we didn't anticipate.
  • A Feel Better Cup of Coffee

    First a few comments, then as distribution grew, daily calls and emails, all pretty much asking the same thing, ‘love your coffee, but what is it about Puroast that doesn’t bother my stomach?’

    People with ulcers, heartburn, acid reflux or that ‘gnawing sensation’ were able to drink Puroast and also felt better afterwards.

    What was it about our roasting that created these feelings?
    Was it something we could validate and measure?

    Why did people feel better drinking Puroast? We needed to find out
  • Enter Dr. Shibamoto, PhD… 70% Less Acid, 7 x More Antioxidants

    We went to UC Davis, a famed food science university (and my alma mater) that also has one of the world’s leading coffee research chemists, Dr. Taka Shibamoto He agreed to do an initial test on Puroast and compare it with other brands. What he found was ‘remarkable’.

    Puroast has 70% less acid than any other roasted coffee, and 7 times the antioxidant level of green tea. So noteworthy were these results, Dr. Shibamoto published them.

    More importantly, we could now tell the world why they feel better drinking Puroast Coffee.
  • The Pure Joy of Coffee

    Because of our roasting process, your morning cup of Puroast not only tastes exquisite, we think you’ll feel better with less acid and a big boost of antioxidants.

    After 25 years of applying the kind of roasting secrets that a gringo like me has no business knowing, my family and I are proud to offer coffee that is not only true to the experience my wife and I had at that Venezuelan coffee farm cafe

    …but better.

    I hope you'll try a cup. Or two.
    Kerry Sachs
    Puroast Coffee