Brewing Instructions for the Perfect Cup

Puroast Low Acid Coffee Taste Benefits

Puroast Low Acid Coffee works well in any brewing device so we have put instructions for a few of them on this page that will act as a guide which will help with measurements and grind type.  These are recommendations and as we have learned there are a number of great ways to make coffee but there is only one Puroast Low Acid Coffee.

The fundamentals to the Perfect Cup of Coffee are good water and smoother, full bodied, less bitter tasting Puroast Low Acid Coffee.  Puroast Low Acid Coffee combines great taste qualities - full body and smooth with all the benefits of the Puroast Process - 50% to 80% lower acid concentrations compared to other coffees.

We find many individuals cut out cream and sweetener after drinking Puroast Low Acid Coffee because the reason they used these ingredients was to cut acidic and bitter aftertaste.  We don't add or extract anything which allows Puroast retain the smooth, full bodied coffee flavor.  It works in any coffee maker or brewing process. 

Coffee plays an important role in many people’s daily diets. For health professionals urging their patients to cut acid out of their routine, a patient’s love of coffee can pose a problem.  Coffee's health benefits are well documented and Puroast Low Acid Coffee's published research by Dr. Taka Shibamoto creates the credible foundation for a healthier beverage.  Dr. Euler's research showed that over 95% of individuals got symptom relief.  Puroast research proves that you can enjoy a real coffee with no additives or extractions and as people say "If you don't need the acids, why have them?" 

We believe the Puroast Process makes the best tasting coffee.  Puroast Low Acid Coffee can add value to your day from one cup to one pot without having to give up anything.  

The Keys for a Perfect Cup of Coffee are: 

1. Good Water

2. Right Grind

3. Puroast Low Acid Coffee

The Key Benefits of Puroast Low Acid Coffee are:

1. Taste - Smoother, Full Bodied

2. Health - Lower Acid concentrations give symptom relief 

3. Technology - The Puroast Process and Sustainable Energy technology = making coffee taste benefit through innovation  

Interested in finding out more about Puroast and our low acid coffee, events, or store locations?  Contact us at for more information. 


Reusable Insert - We recommend the Solofill Click Here insert for K-Cups.  The insert costs about $16 but you will see the savings in 2 to 3 weeks.  Save over $20 per lb of coffee using the Solofill.

Suggestions To Make The Perfect K-Cup

1. Add Puroast Low Acid Coffee to the fill line at the top of the insert (2 Tablespoons).  Do not overfill coffee above the indicated maximum fill (see mark at top of Solofill).  Do not under fill coffee below the filter screen line.

2. Hit brew button and you will have The Perfect Cup with a smoother, less bitter taste that will not affect your stomach.  Puroast Low Acid Coffee adds value to your single cup of coffee.

Drip Brewers

1. Grind - Grind coffee finer than your normal.  The finer the grind, the more coffee flavors you will extract.

2. Measurement - Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee per cup pending your strength.  We recommend a grinder capful of beans if you are using whole beans as a good measuring device.  To make a good 10-12 cups of coffee we recommend 2 oz. of ground coffee.

3. Water - Use cold water preferably drinking or filtered water. 

French Press/Percolator

1. Grind - Puroast Low Acid Coffee's grind will be slightly coarser than you would for a drip brewer.  The strainer in the French Press needs a slightly coarser grind.

2. Measurement - Add 1 to 2 tablespoons per cup to where you can pinch the coffee and it sticks together.  The fine grind allows you to extract a great tasting cup of espresso with an excellent crema.


1. Finely Grind Puroast Low Acid Coffee to where you can pinch the coffee and it sticks together.  The fine grind allows you to extract a great tasting cup of espresso with an excellent crema